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How Much Is Your Gibson Les Paul Vintage Guitar Worth?

By Gina Alessia

Whether you own a vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar or any other brand name guitar, no one can establish its value exactly. Vintage guitars price guides and price ranges can only estimate the price due to the big number of factors that can boil down the price of a vintage guitar.

Although you basically know how much your guitar's worth, the value depends a lot of the seller. How much money the buyer affords and how much he loves and values the guitar are determinant factors of the price.

A collector? A reseller? An enthusiast?

The price may be determined by the buyer. Usually, collectors tend to pay more for a vintage guitar because most of them know its historical significance and treat it like an investment for the future. Contrary to a collector can be a reseller. Reseller, usually, don't estimate the historical value of the guitar. They are likely to buy the guitar in the interest of making fast profits. It is as easy as buying cheaper and selling more expensive.

Is it an authentic Gibson Les Paul?

If your Gibson Les Paul guitar is authentic and in mint condition it could worth more than 150% than any price listed in price guides. A very rare model in mint condition could also skyrocket the price to more than 200%.

How rare is your Les Paul vintage guitar?

It is obviously that if you have a rare or limited edition vintage guitar the prices could significantly get higher. If the guitar you're selling is very hard to find and the demand is high is another factor that can push the price through the roof.

Did your guitar suffer any modifications?

The prices can drop up to 50-75% of the valued listed in any price-guide if the guitar you own is reconditioned. Especially if it suffered modifications to the body or to the neck. If you want to buy a vintage Gibson Les Paul guitar make sure you go to a professional first to take a look and upraise it.

Like I said in the beginning of the article, most of the prices you'll find on the Internet for the Gibson Les Paul vintage guitars are just estimates. There are a lot of price-guides out there, but you should never rely on these guides when selling or buying a vintage guitar. As their name says you must use the information only as a price guide.

Again, there are many determinant factors that can push up or pull down a Gibson Les Paul vintage guitar' price. It is strongly recommended to consult an authorized expert before taking any decisions.

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